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October 3, 2012


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Hello whoever clicky-ti-clicked on this :D

So.. I have this thing I've been thinking about for some days now and just started to bother me so much that I had to write a journal about it here :XD:
It's about a subject in the danish cosplay community which I have come across a couple of times now.. I'm sure other countries have it too, but seeing as we're so small I believe it to be a bigger problem here. Anyway, the thing I'm talking about is when you cosplay a character and feel ownership of said character. It gets on my nerves so badly when people bitch about others who cosplay the same as them. I get that it can be somewhat annoying (lack of better word) when someone is going to cosplay the same as you, I've felt exactly the same, but to go from that to bitch about the other person and just be an ass about it, that bugs me. Of course someone else is cosplaying whatever you're cosplaying. I don't believe there's much left in this world that SOMEONE haven't cosplayed xD But it really shouldn't have someone all worked up about it..
I think I've heard the sentence "But *insertname* is going to cosplay that so I can't" SO many times... and it's just bullshit if you ask me. Just because someone else is cosplaying a character, why should that mean you can't? Again, I know the feeling and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with feeling bothered about it, but to cancel something you really want to make because of it, that's a shame. And what's worse is when someone tries to stop others from cosplaying something because they want to.. Urh XD
But yaerh it's a thing I've seen often here in Denmark because we're such a small community that practically everyone knows everyone, and therefore these situations happens.. Again, I feel that I need to state that I get this feeling as well when someone is cosplaying something I want to or are planning to, but it doesn't stop me in the end if I really feel like cosplaying that character ;) I think you have to try and not compare yourself to the other person and just go with it.. have fun with the fact that you're cosplaying the same, share the progress and see how differently you might approach some things ^^

Anyway yes, I just needed to get this of my chest X'D

Do you know this problem or was this just one blur of words to you?
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Mislingen Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jeg vælger lige at skrive på dansk,da jeg stinker til engelsk!

Jeg kan godt følge dig i det her, jeg ser tit at folk skriver, at de ikke vil cosplaye en char. fordi en anden enten har gjort det eller vil det.. Havde det lidt på samme måde i starten, men valgte at se fra det og bare ha det sjovt med at cosplaye personen istedet for at gå rundt og bitche om at andre cosplayer den samme.

Dog må jeg indrømme at jeg var skidebange for,hva folk ville sige til mit Rapunzel cosplay da det var blevet lavet før. Men fik det dog meget bedre,da folk roste mig og sagde at jeg var en god Rapunzel :3
Mirazie Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I somewhat agree with you, but I also think it's a bigger problem than just that; I do't think it just involves the two people in question, the 'first' to cosplay something and the one that want to cosplay it. Because, let's face it, everyone else i watching too :S like, I think nadia said it, when two people cosplay the same thing, they can share the fandom and make new friends and stuff like that. I think it's a minority that are simple minded enough to think that they OWN a character just because they cosplayed him or her xD but, let me use myself as an example (not that I'm proud of it, but that's just the way it is); I absolutely ador Lavi as Flynn and to me she'll be the 'right' Flynn, no matter how many others make him. So eventhough I can look at others and think they look nice, I'll always compare them to Lavi ~ not to say that they should be afraid of me or anything, I can keep a poker face and would NEVER make eyes or stuff like that, but yeah, I do the comparison in my head. I'm positive that a lot of people feel the same way about some cosplays and people, so while 'the first cosplayer' is cool with all others and simply thinks it's amazing that others want to cosplay it as well, the general opinion may not agree :-/ I don't think I'm describing this as clearly as I would like to, but can't do it much better... point is, I myself don't care much for cosplay what everyone else is cosplaying, simply because I don't like the comparison that I KNOW people are making; not the ones that actually do the cosplaying of the same character, but everyone else. So I try to cosplay what I want, but I also take note of what's 'in' and what others has been cosplaying... if others cosplay what I've made, I think it's simply cool and I like to see how they've done it compared to me. So I don't mind people "following me" but I don't like to "follow people myself" (orz, sounds really snobby, but it's not meant that way... I hope you catch my point n.n;; )
You really made me think when I read this some days ago and this is my reply x3 so yeah, I agree to disagree with you, or how that saying goes x,D I think you're right, but I don't think that you've written the whole problem here ;) but nice discussion you've started, I really like it!! I think it's a thing people at least should think about and discuss if possible, because it IS annoying that people get evil eyes simply because they're 'nos as good as the original' - and not even meaning the original character but the 'original' cosplayer, WTF?!
Samietheturtle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
(Oh how I waited for you to write a novel for me honey XD:heart: Love it!)

As you say, I also somewhat agree with you ;D Or actually I highly agree with you, but I think it's another kind of problem or a related one to the one I'm talking about :) I think what you are talking about is more about other peoples view on "your" cosplays and not how it should effect how you choose or how people bitch at others about it. I know what you mean and I do the same thing very often.. The first person I see cosplay something often sticks with my mind so everyone else I see will at some point be compared to it, one way or the other. Huh, guess we just hit your point there :XD:
And I feel the same way about "following" something.. but in the end it depends on how much I feel for the costume or character xD

Mhm, there shouldn't be such a comparison really, unless people are entering a competition. It's unnecessary to compare people like that otherwise :)
Mirazie Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Pfffff, I can't help it!! Not when I feel like there's a lot of things that needs to be said xD .... heck, I even writte small novels even if there isn't much to be said ;o; it's an illness....)

Yeah, I spoke with Bine not long after I had posted my comment, and she said the same thing; that it's two related problems, but still two... and I can totally see that x,D sometimes the 'problems/bithing-subjects' in the cosplay world is just so super related that you can't figure out where one ends and another one starts, it's riddiculous x.x;;
If you really wanna cosplay a character, then DO it, even if someone feels like they 'own' the character; if it's a friend and you're not sure about the friend's standpoint on the matter, then give him or her a headsup beforehand as a courtesy; then the other won't feel it as a backstab (eventhough he er her shouldn't do that at all >__>).
EVERYTHING depends on the feels for the character! x3 I agree with you there ~
People always compare, if it's not cosplayers then it's chinese food; "No, the one I got in CPH last time was better!" everything is being compared to something, but I think what really matters is the way people act on it; if you start to bitch as soon as something is not as good as what you've seen earlier, then you're an idiot and ruin it for people D: (totally not what I said before, I know, but I think I'm starting to mess around on the subjects again, so I'll just stop now before I confuse myself even further x,D :faint: )
sumikins Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Sadly, this is a really common problem, especially within small communities or groups of friends. I know that within my core group, if there is any overlap in a desire to cosplay a certain character, one or the other will back down and decide not to do it "if so-and-so is going to do it" and while it's nice to have a fuller cast, I think it's silly to to just cosplay who you want. And on the other side, I know that I have a certain 'possessiveness' over some characters, but it's not in a way that I think no one else should be able to cosplay them... I just really love the character and want for other people to appreciate my costume. (or sometimes, competitively, if I haven't made the costume yet, I will strive to make mine 'better' than what I have seen before)
Samietheturtle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Yaerh I think that's very common :) Denmark is just so small that the problem isn't only within your group or group of friends, but throughout the community xD
hytteost Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Do i know it >.< I prefer cosplaying things that i am less likely to run into at cons at least, since i can't help but compare myself to that other cosplayer and see all the faults in my own and how they look the character so much better, so it drags me down a lot. It doesn't stop me if i really want to though; i am cosplaying Rarity after all and that's a pretty popular topic these days.
But the catch with cosplaying something that isn't so 'up' in the danish community is that no one really recognizes your cosplay. Of course i cosplay what i want and what i like, but everyone likes at least some recognition for what they do, just someone saying hey, i love that character/cosplay! Or someone asking to take a picture of you. Everyone who says they don't care about that or doesn't feel flattered by that, is lying.
Samietheturtle Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Oh no you shouldn't do that :C You look so pretty in all your costumes so no need to worry!
Wear what you want and enjoy it :3

Of course it's nice to get recognized and it's such a compliment to have people acknowledge your work.. and well I would love to say that a person shouldn't cosplay for those reasons but the truth is I can't. Cause as I stated in the journal, there are no rules to follow when it comes to cosplay, so if you feel like you want to be "popular" characters or just something people will recognize, then you should go for that :)
I agree that I don't think anyone who cosplays in public or posts pictures, videos or whatever online feel like that. But I don't see what's wrong with it either ;) You've put a lot of effort in to something and you want to share it :D

But anyway, don't be scared of cosplying something because of the comparison. Leap into it and maybe go talk to others cosplaying the same :) Especially if you really like a way they made a certain thing on their costume or something like that :)
hytteost Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you. :3
But as i said, yeah. I try to not let it stop me, and dare to cosplay stuff that i want to, no matter if it's popular or not. I don't say that wanting to get recognition is wrong, it's just that everyone that cosplays in public wants that yeah. It's just hard to get when you really don't know that many people, and you can work really hard on your costume but because no one knows who you are it feels as a wasted effort.

but thanks for the advice ^^
Samietheturtle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Hmm yaerh I get what you're saying :/ It's not that great when you want to be acknowledged for things you do and nothing happens, but I still don't think it should be too big of a motivator when it comes to choosing a costume :)
But yaerh, we all have our different ways of approaching cosplay and if a person wants to cosplay things because others like them, then there's nothing wrong with that :)
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